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St. John is a fantastic place to visit, with some of the world's prettiest beaches, warm and safe and clear water, and numerous shops and restaurants. During your stay here, you will most likely visit a good many of these and other attractions. Here is a collection of some of the best of the best.


Snorkeling — Trunk Bay. Tried and true. Site of the famous underwater trail. Abundant sea life, both coral and fish. Can get crowded in the afternoons, since it is so popular, so go in the mornings. Restrooms, showers, and a snack bar/lunchroom are available. The only St. John beach with an admission charge -- $4 per person per day, or get a 1-year family pass for only $15.
Trunk Bay from North Shore Road

Waterlemon Cay from Leinster Bay
Advanced Snorkeling — Waterlemon Cay. If you are adventurous, take a short hike from Annaberg to Waterlemon Cay for some spectacular snorkeling away from everyone else. You will see numerous starfish during a swim from the point to the Cay, and then will enjoy colorful corals and numerous reef fish.

Water Sports — Cinnamon Bay. Home of a campground. You can rent kayaks, windsurfers, snorkel equipment, small boats, etc., and enjoy yourselves in a very wide, safe bay with powdery white sand. Like Trunk Bay, Cinnamon has restrooms, showers, and a restaurant.
White sand at Cinnamon Bay

Beach at Salt Pond Bay
Picnic and Swim — Salt Pond Bay. Past Coral Bay. Find it on the map and take a drive. You have to walk from the road down to the beach, so pack light. A beautiful horseshoe-shaped bay with a few picnic tables in the shade on shore and one bathroom. Medium snorkeling, but a great place to swim with warm, quiet water.
Picnic tables in the shade

Clothing Optional — Salomon Beach. Between Cruz Bay and Caneel Bay. Two routes — Go to Caneel, park in the parking lot, walk towards the ocean, and find and follow a dirt road along the ocean to the left. Pass Honeymoon Beach, and then continue on another small path through the woods to Salomon. The other, slightly longer route starts in the National Park above Cruz Bay and goes through the woods to Salomon. No picture. You'll have to see for yourself.

Sunset — Frank Bay. A small beach just outside (south) of Cruz Bay, and perfectly oriented facing west. A beautiful panorama of islands is visible, including Stephen's Cay, Great and Little St. James, St. Thomas, and several smaller cays. Bring a glass of wine and sit in one of the beach chairs the local villa owners have left on the beach for sunset viewing.
St. Thomas from Frank Bay


Good homemade sign, good homemade food
Breakfast — Sputnik, Coral Bay. Good everything. If you are hungry, try the Sampler, or the Blueberry Pancake special. During high season, Sputnik can get busy on weekends, and you may have to wait. Bring a newspaper, drink some excellent Sputnik coffee, and relax.

Lunch — Uncle Joe's, Cruz Bay. Here is the complete menu: Chicken, Ribs, Chicken & Ribs, Steak. Each comes smoked with a delicious barbecue sauce, and two side dishes. Cheap and good. Try a chicken & ribs combo, and split it for two people.
Follow the aromas, and enjoy

Delicious food inside
West Indian Snack — Comfee's, Cruz Bay, in a little kiosk near the fire station. Have a Paté, or Johnnycake, or a stew, or some fried chicken, or the daily special.

Treats from the sea
Moderate Dinner — Two-way tie for first — The Fish Trap, Cruz Bay. Fresh fish, served in a variety of ways. Good service, good prices.

Morgan's Mango, Cruz Bay. Generous platters of delicious foods, and a variety of cuisines. Enormous salads. Often entertainment during high season.

Next to Mongoose Junction

Attractive dining room and fine service
Upscale Dinner — Chateau Bordeaux, Bordeaux Mountain. Overlooking Coral Bay and the British Virgin Islands. Excellent service, spectacular views. Tip: arrive before sunset, and request a window table.
See British Virgin Islands from your table

Italian — Café Roma, Cruz Bay. Genuine Italian, and that says it all. Very popular and busy during high season.
Real Italian inside

Sit right on the water
Sunday Brunch — Miss Lucy's, Coral Bay. Right on the water. Very popular and worth the drive. Classic eggs benedict and Florentine, usually accompanied by a small jazz combo. You may have the company of a local goat or chicken trying to share your food.
In the country

On a cliff, looking west
Sunset View — Asolare, Cruz Bay. Fine dining, with sunset views over Pillsbury Sound. Enjoy cocktails while the sun sets, and then have a romantic dinner.

Good Food Cheap — Skinny Legs, Coral Bay. An institution, proudly claiming "Same Day Service." Best hamburgers on St. John. Casual. Rub shoulders with the local folk. A must. Visit them online at
Lunch, snacks, dinner, drinks


Enjoy beverages on the beach
On the BeachThe Beach Bar, Cruz Bay. A popular local watering hole, often with live music. Good snack and sandwich/burger menu. Friendly, and excellent ambience.

Sports Bar — Just Pepe's, Coral Bay. Go here if you are from Boston, or enjoy baseball photos. Actually, the food isn't bad, and it's right on the water. Pepe claims he serves the best hot wings on St. John.
OOPS - Pepe moved to Florida, and Pepe's is no more.

Plenty of big games

Beers for $1.00 every day
Happy Hour — Woody's, Cruz Bay. The afternoon crowd spills out from here into the road. Very cheap beers and mixed drinks for a few hours each day. A happy place.

You can't miss the Love Shack
Dancing/Disco/Dating — Duffy's Love Shack, Cruz Bay. Every night around eight the lights change and the music gets louder and the action faster. For the under 30 crowd.
Come late and dance

Everyone welcome
Late Night — The Quiet Mon Pub, Cruz Bay. In season, stays open until 4:00 A.M. As other bars close, the patrons end up here. Finally, this place closes, and Cruz Bay goes to sleep. Have a drink outside on the upstairs deck and watch the action below.

Good Drinks Cheap — Skinny Legs, Coral Bay. See above under restaurants. A must. Every island should have a place this good.
The menu


Small Villa — Mahogany Tree Villa, Frank Bay. Just outside Cruz Bay, looking south towards St. Croix. Three separate villa suites, with full kitchens, decks, pool, and a fantastic Honesty Bar. Walk into town for activities, and then have a Painkiller under the stars at the pool. A fun place to stay, with great rates.
Private pool and Honesty Bar

Photo of living room area 2-Bedroom Villa — Villa Cielomar. Spacious and stylish. Natural wood and stone interior. Indoor jacuzzi. Views. Best location on St. John. Very popular, but give it a try, and book it if possible.

Medium to Large Villas — Many, many choices. Something for everyone, in all price ranges. See the easy villa locator at the end of this website. The fastest way to find the perfect villa. For unparalleled luxury, try Peter Bay Beach House right on a private beach. Holds you and five close friends for only $20,000 a week. Drool all you want at (The villa locator at the end of this website will find you many outstanding alternatives at lower prices.)

Hotels — The Westin, and Caneel Bay. If you really want to stay in a hotel, these are your choices. Both are good, and have a variety of guest activities and amenities.

Boat Adventure

Alcyone in Cruz Bay
Day Sailing — Alcyone, Cruz Bay. The ultimate. You are guests of Bob and Anna Nose aboard a Westsail 32 for a day or half-day of snorkeling, sailing, and folklore. A truly fascinating experience that you will remember always.

The boat
Fishing — Gone Ketchin', Cruz Bay. Fast, stable sportfisher. Knowledgeable and experienced captain and crew. Motor to open ocean and catch some big ones. Call in advance to reserve your spot, (340) 714-1175.
Catch some big ones

British Virgin Islands — Several choices, with various options, and all a good value. Inter-island ferries are the cheapest, but just get you there and back. Check the guide book, the local information booths, and the bulletin board at Connections in Cruz Bay for up-to-date info and schedules of the charter boats. Book early in your stay.


Stay lef mon
Painted in Street — East End, Coral Bay. A reminder of which side of the road to drive on. A photo of this street sign won an award in a Caribbean photo contest.

No parking — Cruz Bay. The pastor's own spot. Somehow, this sign seems to work. I have never seen a car parked here illegally.
And no-one does

Some local color
Original Spelling — Cruz Bay. We ate here once, and enjoyed it, but avoided the bugers and frys.

Mischievous Alteration — Coral Bay, just before Pepe's. On the other side of this roadside dip in Coral Bay, the warning sign reads "Land Crab Dip". Both classics, and now they are on internet for everyone to admire.
Slow down for the clams


Good action twice a week
Music at Night — Fred's, Cruz Bay. Go Weds. or Friday, and be prepared to dance. The small cover charge is worth it, or just listen to the music from the street and sway with your sweetie. Eventually, you can't resist, and you'll be drawn in.

Hiking Trip — Reef Bay. Pick up brochures at the National Park Headquarters in Cruz Bay, or at Trunk Bay. The trail slopes down about 2.2 miles from the road to a beautiful bay, where you get picked up by boat and driven back to Cruz Bay. Around $15 per person, and worth it. Very popular, so reserve as early in your trip as possible. Or, if you want, just go by yourself, down and back up for free.

Art Studio — Coconut Coast Gallery, Frank Bay. Watercolors by local artist Elaine Estern. Right on the water. Drive up, park, and walk right in. Calendars, prints, originals, souvenirs.
On the water at Frank Bay

Shop here or on internet
Shop For Souvenirs — St. John Spice, Wharfside in Cruz Bay. Loads of interesting teas, spices, artifacts, clothes, etc., etc., for the folks back home.

Diving — Two dive shops, both good. Check them out before your trip. Low Key Watersports, Cruz Bay. Cruz Bay Watersports, Cruz Bay.

Car rental — St. John is a fabulous island to explore, and we recommend a car rental for some or all of your stay. There are about 15 agencies on St. John. Similar cars, similar rates. The best advice is to have your villa owner/agent reserve a car for you, which they'll all gladly do.

Places To See Animals

Chickens — Cruz Bay.

Goats — All along Centerline Drive between Cruz Bay and Coral Bay.

Peacocks — Strolling along Frank Bay from Moorehead Point towards Cruz Bay.

Pigs — Centerline Drive, usually near the landfill, but can be seen roaming elsewhere.

Horses, donkeys — Coral Bay.

Pelicans — North Shore beaches, diving for dinner.

Mongooses — National Park woods.
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